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VITA Digital Productions Adds New Title to Unique Series of Motivational Exercise DVDs

JAMESTOWN, NC., September 7, 2007 - VITA Digital Productions announced today that it had released "Hawaii - The Hau'ula Trail DVD," its 11th in a series of unique Treadmill Virtual Walks. Designed to be viewed while exercising on a treadmill, exercise bike, or similar equipment this new DVD, filmed on the island of Oahu, takes the viewer on a 60 minute Virtual Walk in the mountains of Hawaii.

These Virtual Walk DVDs are used as a motivational tool by people exercising on treadmills, Nordic Tracks, ellipticals, steppers, and exercise bikes. Thousands of these DVDs have been sold throughout all 50 states and over 10 foreign countries. Customers have remarked that these DVDs make the time spent exercising go quickly, often reporting that they have exceeded their usual time spent exercising.

Established in 2001 by Kathi and Wayne Jacobs, Virtual Interactive Tours Abroad, Inc. (dba, VITA Digital Productions) sees as its mission the exploration of all realms of Virtual Experience DVDs. The company released its first Virtual Walk DVD, "A Morning in Venice," in August of 2004. That DVD was quickly followed by other titles: "Rome, La Dolce Vita" which takes the viewer down the famed Via Veneto and into the Camp dei Fiori; "The English Countryside," a walk from the village of Eynsford to Shoreham in Kent; "London Waterways," a walk in London's "Little Venice" filled with picturesque narrowboats; "Enchanting Burano," a walk on the most colorful island in the Venetian Lagoon; "The Appian Way," a walk on the most historic road in the world; "Amalfi Excursion," a walk in the Italian village of Amalfi; "The Four Seasons," a walk in the same forest through each of the four seasons; "The Cotswold Villages - Part 1," a walk through the villages of Chipping Campden, Broadway, Lower and Upper Slaughter ; and "The Cotswold Villages - Part 2," a walk through the villages of Snowshill, Stanton, Bourton-on-the-Water, Bibury, and Castle Combe.

Looking to the future, in early 2005 the video production company began filming all of its features in 1080i High Definition format - a format that will increase the longevity of the DVDs.

In addition to the continued release of approximately 15 additional Virtual Walk DVDs, the video production company is in the process of releasing two new Virtual Experience projects: "Virtual Bike Rides," which take the viewer on a faster paced experience than the walks do and "Scenes of......," a series of High Definition "paintings in motion" designed for display in physicians' offices or wherever customers have to spend time waiting. Filming for both series has already taken place at numerous locations in Europe and the United States.

In January 2008, the company returns from filming several virtual experience projects in Egypt and along the Nile.

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