In VITA Digital Productions' unique Virtual Walk Series

(All photos on this page are actual still frames from the walk.)

This DVD with a 30 minute virtual walk in Venice, Italy
is the perfect companion to a treadmill, Nordic Track, or exercise bike
or just the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Just place it in a DVD player, step onto your treadmill,
and instantly you will experience a spring morning in Venice,
one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Filmed with state-of-the-art professional television cameras and camera stabilization equipment,
the camera seems to float as it pulls you through ancient streets, around corners
and over quaint bridges in this unique city.

This is not a traditional travel video.
There is no narrator and there are no stationary shots of buildings, statues or fountains.

Instead the television camera is constantly moving you forward, transporting the viewer
beside a tranquil canal with gondolas, through a crowded piazza, and over a narrow stone bridge.

You are truly experiencing a morning in Venice. The walk comes with a choice
of two soundtracks (both are included on the DVD). You may choose the lively,
upbeat music suitable for walking on your treadmill or you may choose to hear
the natural sounds as they were recorded on site in Venice.

Exercising has never been easier or more enjoyable!

And these videos are so rich in details
that you will notice something new every time you view them.

But you don't have to have an exercise bike or treadmill
to enjoy this DVD.

It also makes the perfect gift
for people who want to experience Venice in a totally unique way:
a way not possible with traditional travel videos.

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Description of the 30 minute Walk

The first half of your 30 minute walk begins as Venice comes to life in the early morning.
The streets are virtually empty aside from the occasional delivery cart wheeling by.
As you walk the narrow twisting passageways, you can almost smell the cappuccino
and taste the freshly-baked pastries as vendors open their shops.

The blue haze slowly gives way to a bright morning sun as you travel with people on their
way to work. The first half of your early April morning walk ends as you arrive in historic
St. Mark's Square, called by Napoleon, "The finest drawing room in Europe."

The second half of your 30 minute walk lets you experience a late morning stroll to the beautiful
Ponte Storto and on to the Castello district of Venice. Along the way, you will pass gondoliers
in their traditional garb awaiting passengers, sidewalk cafes preparing for luncheon, people
chatting and visiting in open squares, fruit and vegetable street markets, and sun-dappled canals.

You will follow an elderly Italian gentleman out for a hand-in-hand stroll with his little grandson.
You'll also enjoy watching fashionably-dressed Venetian women strolling past upscale shops
along the way. Your walk ends as a church bell tolls noontime.

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You'll enjoy this 30 minute walk either with the lively, upbeat music
or with the natural sounds recorded on site as these videos were made.
Both soundtracks are included on the DVD!

A separate 8 minute mini-documentary on Venice
is also included on the DVD!

And remember, this makes a unique gift for family and friends!

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Note: We are VITA Digital Productions and we are selling these DVDs.
We filmed all of the video footage used in this program, we edited it,
we have licensed the rights to the music used in this production,
and we own the copyright to this program.

The DVD you will receive is a "burned" DVD which was duplicated in our studio.
It contains an interactive menu and will play on DVD players and computers.

All of the above photos are actual still frames from the walk.

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